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Professional editors, copywriters, creative & ghost writing. We correct spelling, terminology, punctuation, grammatical, semantic and typographical errors.

If you would like to become a freelance writer for us, please read the information below.

Our clients expect us to adhere to strict deadlines and provide the highest quality of work possible, and in order to continue to provide the excellent service that our clients have grown accustomed to, our writers must adhere to our principles.

Deadlines: Deadlines are often tight, and not optional. It's perfectly acceptable to turn work down if you feel that you may not make the deadline. We would rather you do this than accept the work and let us down – because when you let us down, we let our clients down.

Quality: We critique our writers' work and send it back for review. We expect our critiques and edits to be read and noted– we wouldn't waste our time doing this if we didn't feel that you had a natural talent. In fact, we wouldn't send you any work to begin with if we didn't see talent in your writing. However, different clients have different requirements and writers need to be able to adapt accordingly. If you're willing to learn and grow with us, then this job is for you.

Using freelancers – what's in it for us? Freelancers are paid only for the work they do. Also, we want to see other South African writers improve their skills. We know what it's like to work yourself to the bone with no thanks and not enough cash to enjoy the result of your hard work – we've been there, done that, worn holes in the T-shirt.

Working for us – what's in it for you? Most employers will offer you a set rate and that's that. We are a fairly new business, so at the moment payment rates are lower than they should be. However, besides training you to improve your writing skills, we also give our writers 50% of what our client pays us as a bare minimum, and often more than this. The more regular clients we take on, the higher percentage of lower-income work our writers will receive, and the higher the fee will become for writers working on higher-paying clients' work. Therefore, the more money we make, the more money our writers will make. Why? Because, believe it or not, there are not all that many good writers out there, and once we find you, we'd very much like to keep you.

How it works: We'll email you with basic details of the job required, advise you of the payment rate and deadline, and if you don't reply within 8 hours we will pass that work on to another writer. If you can't meet the deadline and advise us of this, we won't hold that against you. If you accept the job, then we will forward you exact requirements.

Payments: Payments will be made via Internet transfer. On the last day of each month you should send us an invoice for work completed during that month. The invoice should include your banking details: bank, type of account, branch code, account number, account holder's full name. It helps to keep records from the word go, to save yourself time in calculating what you've written for us. Try setting up the invoice from the first job, and adding each job into the invoice as you complete it and send it to us. We may, from time to time, ask you for an invoice immediately the job is completed, depending on the client. We pay you as soon as our clients pay us. This may be monthly for some clients, weekly for others, or sporadically for smaller or once-off clients.

What we will require in order to begin our working relationship, is the following:

- Our signed writers' contract, by email or via fax to 086 645 7337
- Your availability (all day, evenings and weekends only, etc)
- Completion of two sample jobs, of no more than 300 words each, without payment

After the above has been received, we can begin sending you paid work.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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