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Professional editors, copywriters, creative & ghost writing. We correct spelling, terminology, punctuation, grammatical, semantic and typographical errors

We are growing our business and require hard-working, dedicated individuals who are friendly and courteous at all times to assist us in this.

Sales rep positions with Write Way Freelancers are commission-only, but with a difference that favours reps more than it does our company. Attitude and aptitude is more important to us than formal qualifications, so read further and if you think you have what it takes, then contact us today and tell us why.

Required: Individuals who are not afraid to smile (potential clients can literally sense if you're smiling while chatting on the phone), who are friendly and courteous at all times, and who are 100% ethical and honest. Further vital requirements for all applicants are: hard-working, diligent, attention to detail, ability to "think outside the box", perserverance, and the ability to communicate effectively via any media (telephone, email, face-to-face).

How it works: We don't pay a finders' fee. Hang on... Here's where it gets good. We'll pay you a 10% minimum on each and every job the clients you find for us send us - for as long as that client sends us work. To put it simply: if you find us enough big clients, you could potentially quit your job (long-term) and sit back and enjoy life while the cash comes rolling in each month.

Payments: We pay you immediately after the client has paid us for any particular job. At the end of each month we'll send you a spreadsheet detailing the work we've done for that client, with copy to the client, so you can be sure that you've been paid what you should have been. Payments will be made via the Internet and you will be required to send us an invoice for each amount paid to you, for our tax records.

What we will require in order to begin our working relationship, is the following:

- Our signed sales rep contract, via email or fax to 086 645 7337
- Contactable references
- A face-to-face meeting so we can get to know each other

Serious applicants only - if you are not prepared to abide by our rules and work hard, then we ask very nicely that you please do not waste our time by applying for this position.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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