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Freelance jobs, cape town, sales reps, copywriters, copyeditors. We are looking for talented editors, copywriters, and sales reps, preferably in Cape Town.

We are not currently hiring writers, proof readers or editors. When we do require additional freelancers, only those with the right talent and attitude will be hired.

We are very serious about our work ethics, and always endeavour to put the needs of our clients first. Anyone who works with us must have the same attitude. Most companies don't reward financially for - a good attitude - but after working with us for a while you'll realise that we aren't like most companies.

No matter what service you are providing for us, all our freelancers must have the following attributes and attitudes if we are to form a successful working relationship:

- complete honesty at all times
- the client comes first
- diligence and attention to detail
- perseverance
- willingness to learn

Other qualities and talents are necessary, depending on the type of service you wish to provide for us.

Before you contact us with your application, please be sure to read through our company profile to gain an overall understanding of who we are, what we do, and how we operate.


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