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At Write Way Freelancers, we offer quality rather than quantity, but we are currently fostering a number of young writers whose prose we intend to polish for our clients, so that they receive a product that is a credit to their company's website, blog or newsletter, and is free from the errors that far too many writers commonly make these days. The problem of substandard English grammar and spelling has become rife, so much so that most people don't know the difference between English and American spelling, or, for that matter, what constitutes apostrophe abuse. This is a sad state of affairs, which we hope to do our small part to correct where possible.

Why should you hire a freelance writer rather than employing a writer full time? Well, whereas an employee will do the minimum required to satisfy their employer and, in general, put as little effort into their work as possible, a freelancer is motivated to produce high quality work in order to keep their clients happy and enhance their reputation. So, while we may not be able to work 40 hours a week exclusively on your content, we have the advantage of experience and talent honed over the years by a passion for writing that someone who is doing it purely to keep a job lacks. In addition, we can produce high quality work in less time than a less experienced, less talented person, purely due to our considerable affinity for writing.

You, as a client, naturally know what you want, but If you would like to know how good your writers really are, you might consider sending some work to us for proofreading. You may be surprised how many errors we will find in content that, to the average person, appears adequate, yet to a seasoned writer contains glaring errors. Then again, you may well ask, why bother if your readers are just average people? An excellent point, except that to those who know the difference between adequacy and mastery, those errors are obvious. It will do your reputation no good to publish content that is not proficient.

In addition, we don't require anyone looking over our shoulders to ensure that our work is of the highest quality or that we produce the requisite amount in the allotted time.

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